Imperial Session


about us

Imperial Session is an organization devoted to the promotion of craft beer and food. We work with chefs, brewers, bartenders, and a variety of other industry professionals with a passion for their craft. We offer a variety of perspectives and backgrounds that come together to provide education and unique experiences. Our goal is for this project to evolve and incorporate additional elements while retaining its primary focus: craft beer. We offer a platform for brewers to interact with consumers and vice versa. We offer the concept of curation. With so many brands available today, it can take a lifetime to find the perfect beer, the perfect pairing, the perfect experience. Our goal is to do that work for you.




The Imperial Session dinner series was designed to showcase craft beers diversity with food. All too often breweries host beer dinners that feel more like promotional events than an actual dining experience. Our goal is to remove the biases and commitments attached to conventional beer dinners. We offer a simple tasting menu paired with a well curated selection of craft beers.




Sample Menu